CQG demo

To set CQG connection in the ATAS platform:

  • Go to the main window menu - Settings, then the submenu Connection to DataFeed.
  • Click the left mouse button on the lamp connections in the main window platform.
  • A new window will open:

    To add a new connection press Add button.

    Now choose CQG connection and press Next button.

    The connection window will appear:

    Enter your personal data and e-mail and press Register demo button. Your credentials will be generated, boxes in the previous tab will be automatically filled and connection will be created.

    Notice! Data of CQG demo access received at the registration using the interface of ATAS platform may not work in other platforms. Besides, CQG demo accounts received from other sources may not be supported by ATAS platform. This results from the policy and rules of granting demonstration accounts by CQG company. A demo account is given for the period of 14 calendar days after which you can register again using the same registration data.

    When connection setting is done, press Connect button next to CQG connection.

    *After connection is set up please wait a minute before clicking Connect button.

    1. Type - source connection.

    2. State. After adding a new connection, the status default Disconnected. To connect you must click Connect button.

    3. Quotes Source - The option of choice quotes provider.

    Important: for the Russian and American markets should only be connected to one source quotes!

    4. If you want to connect to happen automatically when you launch the platform, you must enable the option Connect on startup.

    5. Connection Setup button.

    6. Remove the connect button.

    7. Disconect button.

    8. Add a new connection button.

    9. Save settings button.