Level2 Module

The Level2 module is designed for Western stock trading. In addition, this window can be used to trade any instruments that are not included in the standard list of ATAS instruments.

IMPORTANT: The data in the module are displayed in real time and are not stored in the history.

* For trading in a non-standard instrument, its name must be entered in the following form: instrument@exchange, for example, 6EZ5-6EU5@CME (a EUR calendar spread for a Rithmic connection)

To open this module:

  • In the Main Window, go to the Open menu.
  • Select Level2.

This will open the module window:

1. The line for entering the instrument ticker name.

2. Selecting the trading account.

3. Buy and Sell buttons.

4. Duration of orders (DAY- until the end of the trading session; GTC - until manually canceled).

5. The line for the order size for sending.

6. If necessary, a router (ECN) to send the order is selected.

7. Order Type Selection.

8. The price for sending the order is set.

9. The stop price is specified.

10. PnL indicates the result of an open position.

* PnL display type can be changed. To do this, left-click on the PnL field. Available modes: PnL in money, percentage, ticks, or Do not Display.

FLAT - the amount of the open position in contracts/lots. The sign indicates the direction of the open position (long (+)/ short (-)).

Entry - the price of an open position.

* PnL, FLAT, and Entry data are displayed only after the position is opened and only for the given instrument and account!

Settings of Level2 module:

1. Display of the window on top of other windows.

2. Configuration of the display columns and left and right columns of the module.

* To do this, right-click on the module column and select the desired columns in the context menu by left-clicking on them.

MM - the market maker or ECN.

Bid - the column with Buy orders.

Ask - the column with Sell orders.

Time - time of the last modification.

Size - the total size of Buy or Sell orders at each price level and ECN.