Dynamic Levels

The indicator shows shift of maximum volumes in the given time period.

*Note! Upon installation, the indicator has default settings, which are not appropriate for all instruments and time frames, therefore, it should be customized.

In order to add and set this indicator, open Indicator Settings.


Alert File – selection of alert file (you can set your own sound, details here: Sounds Settings)

Approximation Alert – possibility of Alert File setting activation before approaching the price level.

Approximation Filter ‑ distance between price and maximum level to configure the alert.

BackGround‑ Alerts window background that displays notifications when the alert is activated.

Changing Level Alert ‑Alert sound when the maximum level changes.

Font Color ‑ color of text of notifications displayed in Alerts window when the alert is activated.


Color ‑ color setting of maximum level line.

Value Area Color – color setting of Value Area background.

Value Area Lines Color ‑color setting of Value Area lines.


Filter ‑ minimum value of calculated parameter at which the indicator displays data.

Period ‑ calculation period. Five display options are available:

  • Hourly
  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • All period

Type ‑ type of calculated value of the maximum level. Six display options are available:

  • Bid
  • Ask
  • Delta
  • Volume
  • Ticks
  • Time


Line Width ‑ display setting of maximum level line width.

Show Value Area ‑ possibility to enable/disable Value Area display.

Show Volume ‑possibility to enable/disable the display of numerical values at the maximum level.

Volume Visualization Type –two display options are available:

  • At start ‑ the amount shows parameter value at the time of level shift.
  • Accumulated ‑ the amount is accumulated by the given price from the beginning of the time interval chosen.