Big Trades

BigTrade indicator displays on the chart single large market purchases and sales (which are visible in the Smart Tape), the so-called aggressive trades, which are executed in large volume at once. In the indicator settings, you can choose which volume you want to see, and also configure by bid and ask.

Indicator Settings

The indicator settings allow to customize it for any instrument or trading approach.

To add and setup the following indicator, open the Indicators Setup window.


Alert file - write here name of file you want to use as alert.

Background - choose background color.

Use alerts - enable/disable alerts.


Auto Filter — function for calculating filters automatically (reccomended if you are only starting to use this indicator). If this function is ON, Maximum Volume and Minimum Volume parameters will not work, as they are detected automatically.


   Auto Filter in indicator Big Trades work only in Cumulative trades mode

Calculation Mode – change the Calculation Mode at this point from Cumulative Trades to Separate Trades

Maximum Volume and Minimum Volume — parameters that determine filtration of trades value. Work only with enabled option Auto Filter


Between Color — color for selection trades inside spread

Buys — color of buys

Sells — color of sells

Time Filtration

When Use Time Filter is ON, only those big trades will be highlighted that fall into the time period set in Time from and Time to lines.


Cluster Selection Transparency - setting the transparency of big volume allocation in a cluster.

Fixed Sizes - when this option is enabled, all selections in clusters will be the same size.

Maximum/Minimum Size - options to limit the size of the selection.

Size - manual adjustment of the size of the selection.

Visual Mode - mode of displaying selected areas; 5 display options are available:

  • Elipse
  • Triangle
  • Rectangle
  • Diamond
  • Only Price

Visual Objects Transparency - setting the transparency of visual elements.