Big Trades

This is an absolutely unique indicator that allows you to spot large market orders being executed. Those orders are put back together using original trades' time stamps.

Indicator Settings

The indicator settings allow to customize it for any instrument or trading approach.

Auto Filter — function for calculating filters automatically (reccomended if you are only starting to use this indicator). If this function is ON, Maximum Volume and Minimum Volume parameters will not work, as they are detected automatically.


   Auto Filter in indicator Big Trades work only in Cumulative trades mode

Calculation Mode – change the Calculation Mode at this point from Cumulative Trades to Separate Trades

Maximum Volume and Minimum Volume — parameters that determine filtration of trades value. Work only with enabled option Auto Filter

  • Between Color — color for selection trades inside spread
  • Buys — color of buys
  • Sells — color of sells
  • When Use Time Filter is ON, only those big trades will be highlighted that fall into the time period set in Time from and Time to lines.

  • Use Visualization tab to change visual settings of the indicator (similar as in Cluster Search indicator)