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Your server is disconnecting

meowflying 2 weeks ago • updated by Vladimir Yartys (Support Representative) 4 days ago 6

Hi there, even that I connected to Bitmex with my API, the data in ATAS if freezing and not match the live price. ATAS log showing:

Time Source Message
5/11/2019 11:48:55 AM Crypto MD1 Disconnected.

Please advise, the problem started yesterday.

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Tell me more details, about what module do you talk? On chart price is the same as on Bitmex website. Smart tape would be fixed in next update.

Best regards.

Hi again, the price on ATAS chart is"late" sometimes by 2-3 minutes, and its not synchronizing with real Bitmex price till I click on refresh or reload historical data. Last time it happened, I opened support ticket and was told to connect to Bitmex API, cause your servers has too much load. Now I connected to Bitmex API, but its not helping, what can be done? 

I am having the same issue.

I just checked and data is synchronized. What version of platform do you use? 

Send me your workspace file, please, you can find it here:

C:\Users\Username\Documents\ATAS CryptoTrader\Workspaces

I sent the workspace file to support email just now. Version is: from 3/27/2019

You use old version of platform, i think this is the problem, so update to latest version, please. Click right mouse button here and choose check update, please: