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What else to say, probably the most important module for a modern Plattform. Every serious Plattform has it!!!
К этому можно добавить еще раскраску букв
Na s4ot MP, ludshe posmotretj u Market Delta, kak oni zdelali jego. U nix MP samij klassnij. Stoit zagljanutj i vzjatj primer :)))

Данный способ отображения профиля рынка запатентован Чикагской биржей и мы не можем использовать его нелегально. Единственный способ добавить его если кто-то из пользователей напишет пользовательский публичный или приватный индикатор, подобный этому.


Most traders today (like they used to do in the Pit era, years ago) still use

MarketProfile which is registered for CME/CBOT. There are some charting

firms that use it like MarketDelta, InvestorRT and SierraChart. They

probably have to pay some royalties or some kind of license. I think

you should also talk to them and try to rearrange some kind of service

like that and improve your platform. I think

the obvious way to improve your charts is including MarketProfile as

registered with TPO's and Initial Balance.
Honestly, if you won't have problems with patents, you could easily improve your platform

to be really like the official one. You just have to improve the following:
- MarketProfile is a time based (and volume based as

well) chart. They put letter or color blocks each representing one

specified time frame. For instance, in a daily Profile, each color would

be 30min long.
- Put the Initial Balance: It is characterized

as the first 1Hour of trading it would be represented as an Vertical

Line in the Profile. I think you could implement this in your profile

without patent problems.
- You should put the option to show on

the profile an Open Marker and High, Low Vertical lines extended to the

next profile and shown in the vertical axis if it's the current profile

- Another thing they use, is they put an Time based Profile and adjacent to it, they put the Volume Profile as well

They signal POC and VPOC (Volume POC) as well as VAL and VAH as well as

VVAL and VVAH (Volume) with horizontal lines to the next profile. If

the price drops or goes up, these lines will extend horizontally until

they find a new profile in those price levels (see below)

- Another interesting capability would be to build an indicator to put in the charts that would show how VAL, VAH and POC for both Volume and TIme develops over the trading day. As the trading day initiates, both VAL, VAH and POC are in the same spot, as time goes by, they either go up or down, and it would be interesting to create an indicator that shows how these changes occur during day.


Это крутая тема, вот бы АТАS ее решил!


I wish the same you can use MP with TPO in the ATAS. please consider it, also calculate the volume profile Nodes low and high volume, this would make ATAS in the most powerful Trading Platform.

Best Regards

Hi all,

Any news or plans about this topic?

Would be definetiveky a game changing capability for this top program.


I'm sorry but this is kind of a joke. Topics like this are started over 3 years ago and over 20 upvotes and nothing is done. 

I think there does not need to be an argument if Market Profile is valid or not for professional traders. 

Every time I am told to post my new ideas here for review...why even bother if after 3 years something as important as this is not even done....


Hello Traders!

This one is already exist on "atas" trading platform. Glad to present "Navigator" algosystem.

Полностью автоматизированный и модернизированный алгокомплекс, занимается поиском сложных балансных структур, определением их иерархии в степенях старшинства, ретранслируя уровни поддержек и сопротивлений в реальном времени с биржи СМЕ. Безусловно что, "Navigator" избавит Вас от ежедневной рутины в поиске уровней и поможет вам в торговле! 

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What does this have to do with TPO or market profile? You spam Twitter and Facebook enough, now you have to come and spam the ATAS forum?

пользуюсь метатрейдером только из за индикатора Market Profile - TPOChart2.1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ckQdZhbVykw , очень простой и удобный, можно как сжать любые профили в один, так и разложить любой профиль в виде баров из букв. Неужели так сложно сделать такой же в атас?