The difference between demo and live accounts is in the term of validity of the license as well as in additional functionality.

IMPORTANT!The platform does not provide actual data for the western market. For quotations, you must connect a real or a demo account of the data provider! Read more here: Which account for trading and quotation should I choose?

  1. The demo version of the platform is limited to 14 days! After a 14-day fully functional trial period, the platform continues to operate in a limited history mode; i.e. the platform will work but you cannot see quotes for the current session. Historical data will be delivered before the start of the previous session, and connecting your trading accounts to the platform will not be possible. *The trial period may be extended by 10 days upon request to the support service. Reordering the demo version using another email address will not work.
  2. Only one server (Prod.U1) is available for connection.
  3. History depth: 7 days.
  4. The Spread Chart function is not available.
  5. The maximum number of loaded bars per chart is limited.